Theme Versions

Strands - 1.0.7 | 03.25.2013

  • Fixed an issue where certain blog language settings cause Javascript errors.

Strands - 1.0.6 | 03.18.2013

  • Updated theme to support the new Twitter Widget
  • Updated Audio Post for Soundcloud and Spotify
  • Instagram Profile link now directs to Instagram profile instead of Gramfeed profile
  • Fixed the Share Button Alignment

Strands - 1.0.5 | 02.20.2013

  • Updated the video embed feature to address Tumblr’s most recent changes.

Strands 1.0.3 | 10.2.2012

  • Fixed an issue with the pagination links, added an auto infinite scroll mode and new social icons for Github, Instagram and Quora. Now the sidebar will properly lock when in expanded mode.

Strands 1.0.2 | 09.12.2012

  • In this version we fixed the copyright, updated the Typekit embed method, fixed the twitter title and posts I like title. We also added auto infinite scrolling mode and fixed sharing on infinte scrolling pages.

Strands 1.0.1 | 06.26.2012

  • Here we added the option to have the logo replace the title, made various styling fixes. We also fixed a bug with the next pagination link and fixed an issue with images incorrectly displaying the portfolio mode.

Strands 1.0.0 | 05.30.2012

*The first version of Strands has been submitted to Tumblr.